Prepare for your War in Middle-earth!

Welcome to the only site you'll need to visit if you are seeking information about this groundbreaking classic real-time stategy RPG. My intention for this site was to create one location where you can obtain knowledge of how to play this game on your current system, share tips and strategies for the game, learn the history of the game, obtain a savegame editor for the game to allow you to edit characters and other game features, and to relive memories of playing this game with others. Since starting in 1999, this website has changes multiple times and grown considerably. Please take a moment and view this site, and feel free to contribute anything you feel would help this site continue to grow through either content, information, rare items related to the game, or a monetary contribution to help offset the costs of keeping this site up and running. Thank you for visiting this site and I hope that you find what you're looking for and more.

- Aaron Willis

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